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for Judge


Gold Scale

Superior Court Commissioner

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Not a politician,

but the proven candidate

Successful Court Commissioner for over 9 years

San Mateo County Superior Court

Presiding  over criminal, civil, small claims, traffic, domestic violence, and family law cases


Former Deputy District Attorney

Consumer Fraud and Environmental Protection

Protected your family, your community, and our consumers on a daily basis

With notable endorsements from...

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James P. Fox

Former District Attorney, San Mateo County

"Never a politician, Stephanie has devoted her career to keeping our community safe. Whether as an accomplished and well-respected Court Commissioner or as a Deputy District Attorney, prosecuting violent felons and those who harm our environment, Stephanie has a proven track record of serving to protect our county and keeping our families safe."


Greg Munks

Sheriff, San Mateo County

"Dedicated to serving the public, Stephanie cares about the rights of victims of crimes. Supported wholeheartedly by law enforcement, she is needed as a Superior Court Judge to continue to be a voice for those who cannot be heard."


Robert Foiles

Presiding Judge, San Mateo County

"As an experienced Court Commissioner for 9 years, Stephanie has proven that she has the proper decorum, fairness and work ethic required of a Judge, whether it is criminal law, civil law or family law. We need Stephanie as a Superior Court Judge!"


Craig Parsons

Retiring Superior Court Judge, San Mateo County

"I am honored that I was able to serve my community as a Superior Court Judge for over 24 years.  As I enjoy my retirement, I am confident that Stephanie will continue the legacy of my Department.  Stephanie has earned my endorsement.  With 9 years of experience on the bench, she has already proven herself to be a fair, hardworking and intelligent judicial officer, who will be a tremendous asset as a Superior Court Judge."


Carole Groom

Supervisor, San Mateo County 


Don Horsley

Supervisor, Former Sheriff, San Mateo County


Robert Ross

Mayor of San Mateo, Retired Police Lieutenant


Ed Pomeroy

Criminal Defense Attorney

"As a criminal defense attorney, I have appeared in front of Commissioner Garratt countless times. She is always pleasant to appear in front of. She treats everybody with respect, never has an agenda and always makes fair and just decisions, protecting our community. It is in the best interest of San Mateo County to have Stephanie as a Superior Court Judge."


24 out of 25 Judges in San Mateo County 

ALL 52 Deputy District Attorneys 

Daly City Police Officers' Association

San Mateo County Deputy Sheriffs' Association 

Redwood City Police Officers' Association 

South San Francisco Police Officers' Association 

San Mateo Police Officers' Association

Peace Officers Research Association of California (PORAC)

Belmont Police Officers' Association

Foster City Police Officers' Association

Pacifica Police Officers' Association

San Mateo County Probation and Detention Association

Robbery Investigators' Association


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Endorsed by

Law Enforcement

Not a politician,

but the proven candidate

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